No griefing, terrorism, dirt/water/lava pillars and shitty structures.

No harassing other players or the server in general (drama sucks).

Free speech issues? People criticising the server vs. harassing?

Don’t leave flying trees

Keep buildings generally low-fantasy/medieval themed and realistic. No modern-themed skyscrapers, underground/multi-story wheat farms, floating castles, or underwater cities.

Use common sense and don’t be smartass.

Rules are never 100% perfect and doesn’t cover all the things, so don’t use “it wasn’t listed on rules” as excuse. Or do we need to get extremely bureautic?

Admins can ban you for any reason, but making a complaint in the thread can offer other Admins the chance to un-ban you if deemed fit.

Low admin intervention, no admin abuse/ cheating. But by messing with rules you’ll be hit hard from the admin side.

No using admin powers such as spying on local chat or warping to gain an advantage over other players. Admin powers are strictly for administration and should be disabled otherwise.

Admins who are using these powers strictly for lore duties may use powers at their discretion. The object of this rule is to prevent admin abuse. If you have any complaints or concerns, please post on the thread with as much evidence as possible.

Iron doors/redstone mechanics are personal/ faction only, unless sign near it says otherwise.

We only allow (hopper based) item collecting mob grinders, xp farming is prohibited.

You can still make “training rooms” from the spawners, but you must kill the enemies.

Stealing and Faction Sponsorships

Stealing from factions is not allowed at this time. Independent settlements can be stolen from except when they have a “Faction Sponsorship”.

A Faction sponsorship is when a faction decides to protect a settlement. The settlement is protected from destruction and thievery by threat of admin banning. If the faction which sponsors the settlement is disbanded, there is no longer protective power over the settlement.

A settlement is defined as a building, complex, or village which consists of one or more players. A settlement can be owned by a faction or can be independant, but in order to have admin-enforced protection must be sponsored.

A settlement which is sponsored must have signage displaying the name of the faction protecting it, and a flag if desired. The settlement must also have a book which details the arrangement signed by a distinguished member of the faction. This must include the settlement namethe settlement owner’s namedate and time of signinglocation in coordinates, and faction’s name. If the distinguished member from the faction is expelled from the faction, this book must be renewed. This book must be kept within a chest underneath the sign indicating the faction protection, clearly displayed by the entrance of the settlement. This chest is obviously protected by said faction protection and can be taken and read, but must be returned to the chest promptly.

A head of the faction can declare this document void whenever he pleases as long as he is backed by another member of equal or higher rank within the faction. However, the member who signed the document may void it at any time by himself. Voiding can be done by messaging an admin and alerting him of the void, as well as alerting the head of the settlement in question.

A settlement may only be sponsored by one faction.

If you have a sign on your settlement stating the faction sponsorship and do not have certified credentials, minor admin punishment will occur.

Players join to factions, which will set their own rules and laws.

Disobeying members/nonmembers can be arrested, and player must not “resist” the arrest.

Factions should use ingame mechanics (books, signs, flags) to build up their identity.

Factions should negotiate their own borders with other factions.

Using books for diplomatic messages are encouraged.

Players should stick with their factions (or join another), we don’t want people to scatter all around the world with their tiny cottage.

New factions are rarely made/allowed, but if you have a lots of friends coming we can do that.

Since wars in minecraft are short and unfair and minecraft isn’t a “wargame”;

War should be declared with diplomatic letter, and that should be given to leader of the opposite faction.

Declaring a war needs a proper reason or dispute (try to use diplomatic approach before going to war)

You can attack/lay siege after 24h of the declaration of war

Battle needs enough players from both sides.

No logging out in battle to avoid death. (Combat Logging)

Respawning and rejoining to battle is allowed (until enemy destroys your bed in castle barracks or siege camp).

To capture a fort/town/city, you’ll need to siege it 24 hours before you can storm it

You can’t use tools to break blocks from enemy structure, nor you can’t place blocks to climb there

You can use TNT and TNT cannons to breach the walls.

The town/fort/city ( or part of it) is considered yours when majority symbols of the enemy faction are replaced with your symbols.

Breaking out siege is considered as a normal battle and that requires players from both factions.

Iron golems are considered defenders.

Empire capitals can only be captured when all other empire cities have fallen.

These war rules can be overridden or changed if at least two admins consent, or the rules are being abused.

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